Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6 Xiaomi has officially unveiled the next version of its own proprietary firmware called MIUI 6. The new version receives an updated user interface, the design of which is very similar to the latest versions of the iOS operating system of its own. In MIUI 6, everything has become even more "flat", and bright colors and gradients prevail everywhere. Xiaomi released the most advanced and updated version of its MIUI MIUI V6 Drive. Here are all the details from the launch in Beijing.
It took a while, but in the end Xiaomi decided to ditch its old gray MIUI V5 to move on to the new MIUI V6, a new version with new features and functions.

Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6 TRANSLATOR .-中文普通话, English, Deutsche ,Français, Indú ,العربية ,немецкий, Português, 日本語, etc..

How is MIUI V6 firmware?
Features Rom MIUI V6?
New desktop organization and multitasking?
MIUI V6 Main Settings Group?
How to manage Accounts?
MIUI V6 System Applications?
Other MIUI V6 Settings?
Basic applications MIUI V6?
Collection of Smartphone wallpapers?

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How is MIUI V6 firmware?, Features Rom MIUI V6?, New desktop organization and multitasking?<, MIUI V6 Main Settings Group?, How to manage Accounts?, MIUI V6 System Applications?, Other MIUI V6 Settings?, Basic applications?

How is MIUI V6 firmware How is MIUI V6 firmware?

Today Xiaomi, on its fourth birthday, with an event held in Beijing, has presented the sixth edition of the new MIUI V6 interface in the world of its Android-based operating system.
MIUI is an alternative ROM for any Android mobile phone that has since managed to build a large community of enthusiasts in the world, and now has 70 million users with translation and support for 28 languages

MIUI V6 offers many new features, especially in terms of graphics, with many transparent and color games in animations that always resemble the image layout. Xiaomi confirms that this new graphic was designed to "improve the design and essence of all content.

Despite the fact that MIUI is based on Android, the latest firmware version, which received serial number 6, looks more like iOS 7/8 than Google's mobile operating system. It features bright newcolors and a fairly "flat" design, which has recently gained great popularity in the design community

How is MIUI different from Android MIUI Official Website (c) www.miui.com How to Install MIUI Firmware

How are MIUI ROM downloads  


How is MIUI different from Android How to flash MIUI V6 ROM using Mi Flash Tool
Note.- It is recommended to make a full backup of all your important data and charge your device well enough to complete the update process. You can use third-party Android applications to back up contacts, call logs, messages, and other files.
How are MIUI 6 ROM downloads  

How is MIUI different from Android Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools is a tool that you can download from Szaki's GitHub, the developer who created it. It is a very simple tool that takes advantage of ADB privileges to sweep a good part of the services and apps that your Xiaomi comes with from the map. When you use the tool you will notice that the bloatware is very high.
When you connect the Xiaomi to the PC, it will ask you to give permission to trust the computer, necessary for the ADB to work through USB debugging. Once connected, all the apps that your Xiaomi has will appear, including MSA (an app to send advertising), services to collect data from your phone, third-party apps.

How is MIUI different from Android Download Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools for MIUI

How is MIUI different from Android How to Install Flash Fastboot ROM using My Flash
1.- Download the Fastboot ROM from the above link to your PC and extract it to the desktop.
2.- Now you need to download and install the Mi Flash tool on your PC.
3.- Next, launch the Mi Flash application and tap 'Browse'.
4.- Next, you need to select the ROM folder on the desktop.
5.- Power off the device and enter Fastboot mode. You need to press Volume Down + Power button at the same time to boot the device in fastboot mode.
6.- Connect your device with PC.
7.- Next, go to the flashing tool and tap the "button". Update & quot; to view connected devices.
8.- Once the device is detected, you have three options to choose from based on your requirements, as shown in the image above.
8.1.- .Flash_all: - Erase all data from built-in storage, erase all user data, be careful! (Clean installation)
8.2.- Flash_all_except_storaget: - Will erase all user data does not erase embedded storage data.
8.3.- Flash_all_except_data_storage: - Does not erase embedded storage data, does not erase user data
9.- Tap 'Flash' at the top right to start the flashing process.
10.- Once the update process is finished, the device will automatically reboot.

Note.- If the tool cannot find ADB / Fastboot even if you are sure everything is configured correctly, open the folder where XiaomiADBFastbootTools is located. While holding down the Shift key, right-click in the empty area and open Command Prompt or PowerShell. Enter this command java -jar XiaomiADBFastbootTools.jar and hit Enter. After that it should work.

Everything that appears in the tool can be deleted without problems, including Google applications that you may not use. In the event that we have accidentally deleted something, we have the option of reinstalling it with the tool. We can also disable apps instead of deleting them. Changes take effect immediately, so you don't need to restart your phone or do anything else.

Note.- You can delete appswithout fear, since all the apps selectable in the tool are not necessary for the operation of the phone

What is MIUI firmware and how to use it Eliminate with systemic means
The last method does not require additional manipulations or the installation of third-party software. In the new miui 8.0, the uninstallation of applications is in the same place as in the standard Adnroid operating system. Therefore, to remove, you need to go to the phone menu, select the settings item. We also find in the subtopic & quot; applications & quot;

In the drop-down list, we find the application of interest to be removed. We enter it and select the item "delete data". After the master data is deleted, you can press the button "delete".

Although Miui 8.0 differs from its predecessors, the developers still tried to make its interface as intuitive as possible and avoid creating such situations. Therefore, uninstalling applications should not cause difficulties for advanced Android users. If you need to remove multiple applications, to do this you must repeat the operation for each application manually, or in the Ccleaner program, select all the applications to be removed.

Note.-If the application belongs to the MIUI system, its removal using the above methods is impossible. To remove applets from the system, use superuser rights, which can be obtained without losing the warranty of your smart technology. How to Install MIUI Firmware

How is MIUI V6 firmware Features Rom MIUI V6?


El diseño es muy plano y sigue la “ola” que siempre sigue iOS, y en esta nueva versión encontraremos una pantalla de bloqueo completamente nueva, nuevas notificaciones, controles multitarea mejorados y mucho más; pero echemos un vistazo a los principales cambios

El firmware MIUI 6 está actualmente disponible para un pequeño grupo de probadores beta. En un futuro cercano, la actualización de MIUI 6 se implementará en los últimos dispositivos de la compañía, incluidos los teléfonos inteligentes Mi 3 y Mi 4. Desafortunadamente, aún no se ha anunciado el momento exacto del lanzamiento de la versión final de MIUI 6.

Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6 Facilities to Lock Screen
The developers have greatly simplified the stock lock screen in MIUI v6 compared to the previous version. By default, the screen can be activated with the power button, optionally with the volume buttons. The device is unlocked by sliding your finger from bottom to top in any area of ​​the screen. For security reasons, you can set an unlock password in three ways: create a pattern, set a password or PIN. In addition, you can configure the unlocking of the device with the MiBand bracelet, in which case the smartphone will be unlocked if the bracelet is in the immediate vicinity.

By default, the lock screen displays: status bar, clock, date, and day of the week. Optionally, you can display information about the owner of the phone on the lock screen. If there are missed events, it is displayed as a list of cards. If you double tap on one of the cards, the user will go to the corresponding application.
With a swipe from the top edge, you can pull out the notification shade. Swipe in from the right edge to open the Camera app. There are no other interactions or widgets on the lock screen.

Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6 Multiple Notifications
MIUI V6 has the best in lock screen notifications where the icon below shows unread readings and with a simple cable to another you can manage, open or erase them directly from lock your screen unlock your sinélbloflo

Also, icons will now show bubble notifications indicating a number for a single app

Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6 Energy Saving and RAM Management
With the new MIUI V6, your device will last longer on a single charge thanks to the new power saving mode, as well as the new version of Android 4.4 KitKat on which it is based.

Xiaomi has also included a more advanced version of RAM, which helps to increase the flexibility of the device and applications.
The famous Clean Master program will eventually be fully integrated to provide an advanced optimization system, so with just a few taps, you can clean and download junk files and optimize your RAM consumption.

In addition, as always, it will be possible to handle threats from dangerous applications using the integrated antivirus system.

Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6 Best Camera on mobile
Already with the launch of the Xiaomi Mi4, we have seen significant improvements in terms of the camera; but now the application with MIUI V6 is updated with new buttons and functions

Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6 Easier to read notifications
Notifications are much easier to read on the new MIUI V6; Messages, downloads and calls are made absolutely more visible thanks to the new black notification bar at the top of the screen. Innovation not only in terms of design, but also functional, because, for example, if you have to answer an incoming call in the same way that you immortalize a camera with a unique moment, MIUI V6 will reserve a name only a small part of the screen useful for the user display.
Even the lock screen hasbeen revised in terms of functionality thanks to the introduction of new shortcuts for notifications. How is MIUI V6 firmware

How is MIUI V6 firmware New desktop organization and multitasking?

Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6  

The operating system does not have a separate application menu and therefore the desktop is the main workspace. As with most operating systems, desktop computers move horizontally. The desktop can contain application icons and widgets. At the bottom of the desktop is the Dock, which can contain up to 5 shortcuts or folders.

The application icons and widgets in MIUI v6 are located on the desktops in a 4 * 5 grid, the number of desktops in MIUI v6 is unlimited. Icons for newly installed applications appear on the last desktop in free space. Icons can be grouped into folders, a folder is created simply by dragging one icon over another. The folder can contain an unlimited number of icons; within the folder, the scrolling is vertical.

Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6 Icons and widgets
they can be moved around the desktops by holding your finger on the icon or widget for a while. The widget can be removed from the desktop by dragging it to the trash at the top of the screen. If you try to do the same with the icon, the system will offer to remove the application. The menu for managing desktop settings is invoked with a pinch gesture or by pressing and holding the Multitasking touch button. The menu consists of four items: Rating, Widgets, Wallpapers, and Effects. By choosing the first item, we have the opportunity to arrange the application icons in a more convenient way, move them from one table to another and create folders. The second and third paragraphs allow you to add a widget or change the wallpaper. In the last menu item, Effects, you can choose one of the animation options to scroll through the tables, and you can add or remove additional desktops.

Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6 Multitasking on MIUI V6
It has the same principles as stock Android and is not additionally regulated in any way. If in MIUI v5 the left touch button opened the context menu, then in the new version of the shell this button starts the multitasking menu, it is displayed at the bottom of the screen: the amount of free RAM, just above the Clear memory button. Above all this, a list of running applications is displayed, scrolling horizontally, up to 4 icons are visible at the same time. Swipe the icon from bottom to top closes the app, swipe from top to bottom: lock the app from downloading when memory is cleared. The lock is very useful when you want to save the state of an application but need to clean the RAM.

Controls, keyboard on MIUI V6 The control of the smartphone in MIUI v6 implies the presence of a power button, volume control buttons and three control buttons: Multitasking, Home and Back. For certain actions, swipes, long ribbons, and context menus are actively used. The built-in search in MIUI v6 is called not by holding the Home button, but by sliding your finger from bottom to top on any desktop, obviously the idea was spied on by Apple. For the international version of the firmware, the search is performed by pressing and holding the Home button.

As in Android as standard, there is a notification curtain, which in MIUI is combined with a toggle bar. On the desktop, the shutter can be released with a swipe from top to bottom anywhere on the screen, which is convenient, in applications, traditionally, by sliding your finger down from the top edge of the screen. The curtain itself has two screens: a screen with a list of missed events and notifications; The second screen contains: 20 switches, a player control panel, a backlight adjustment slider, and a shortcut to the Settings app.

Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6 The native keyboard in MIUI v6
as I understand it, is missing for ubiquitous use. Instead, the system is pre-installed with the standard Android Lollipop Google keyboard, but unfortunately it does not fit into the general style of the operating system. In some situations, for example, when entering a password on the lock screen, a completely different keyboard appears, which looks more like a native one. The dial pad is comfortable, the buttons are large, there is a smart dial.

Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6 Settings in RON MIUI V6
The Settings application can be accessed directly by clicking the icon on the desktop or via the shortcut in the notification curtain. In the previous version of the operating system, the configuration was divided into two screens: the favorites contained the most demanded ones, the second screen contained a complete list of configurations. In the current version of MIUI this presentation option was abandoned, now there is only one screen, where all the settings are collected, divided into categories, which in turn are collected into five groups.

Another change affected the configuration of native applications. Due to the fact that the Context Menu button was removed from the system (replaced with the Multitasking button), the settings for the native applications of the applications themselves were moved to Settings and collected in a separate category. Most of the categories and configuration items match those of Android, others can be discussed in more detail.

Feature and use of global ROM MIUI V6 MIUI V6 Wireless Network Management
1.- SIM card management: in this section, you can configure the operation of the SIM cards: enable data transfer, block data while roaming. Set the default settings for calls and Internet for SIM cards.
2.- Wi-Fi: contains toggle and Wi-Fi settings.
3.- Bluetooth: contains a Bluetooth and toggle configuration.
4.- In addition, the configuration of VPN, tethering and wireless monitor has been placed in this section. The airplane mode switch is also here. How is MIUI V6 firmware

How is MIUI V6 firmware MIUI V6 Main Settings Group?


1.- Notifications: in this section you can manage the list of applications from which the user wishes to receive notifications. You can enable or disable the display of the operator name in the status line, or set an arbitrary name, you can also enable the display of the current baud rate in the status line. It is possible to deactivate the screenshot notification, turn off the notification tone on the lock screen or activate the collapse of the curtain after pressing one of the switches, adjust the sequence of the switches.
2.- Wallpaper: in this section you can change the wallpaper of the lock screen and the desktop by choosing between the pre-installed ones or by downloading it from the store.
3.- Do not disturb: this section is as close as possible to the configuration section of the same name in iOS. Here you can activate the "Do not disturb" mode and calls / SMS will not be made. It is possible to configure the activation of the mode on a schedule, set exception numbers and activate the ability to call other subscribers on the second attempt.
4.- Sound Settings: in this section you can adjust the sound volume separately for: notifications, alarm, conversation, multimedia and bluetooth. You can set ringtones for calls and notifications, vibrate for various events, and activate noise cancellation for voice calls. In the Headphones subsection, you can configure the action by pressing the buttons on the headphones, there is an Equalizer and a Mi Sound amplifier.
5.- Lock screen: the lock screen settings are collected here. For the lock screen, you can set a pattern, password or PIN, or activate the unlock with MyBand.
6.- Privacy: this section contains all the other security settings. In the Data Protection subsection, you can enable guest mode, in which you can restrict access to certain system components. The Encrypt Data subsection is required to encrypt all data on the device. In addition, the section contains subsections for managing device administrators, managing certificates, and managing access to geolocation.
7.- In addition, this is a very large section, which contains all the configurations that were not included in other groups and sections.
8.- Screen: this section contains the brightness settings. Here you can activate the screen saver, set the sleep mode and enable / disable automatic screen rotation.
9.- Contrast: in this item you can select the automatic or increased contrast and adjust the color temperature of the screen.
10.- Date and time: Android standard configuration for the time, date and time zone.
11.- Language and input: standard language settings for the keyboard and Android system. The firmware has Russian. Advanced> Regional Settings: select the system location.
12.- Advanced> Font: you can change the system font by downloading it from the store and setting its size.
13.- One-handed operation: here you can activate one-handed operation and select the equivalent of a reduced screen between two options: 3.5 or 4 inches.
14.- Battery: in addition to the standard Android details about battery power consumption, in this section you can configure the type of charge indicator and select one of the two power modes: Balanced or Powerful.
15.- Memory: contains statistics of the disk space used, broken down by categories.
16.- Indication: here you can enable / disable the missed events indicator and assign your own indication color for each of the three notification options: missed events, missed calls and missed messages.
17.- Headphones: this section completely duplicates the Headphones subsection of the Sound section.
18.- Keys: here for each of the three touch buttons, you can hang up one of the three functions for a long touch: Recent applications, Launch Google Now, Close the current application and Show menu. You can set the backlight interval for the touch buttons or turn off the backlight completely.
19.- Accessibility: standard Android configuration for people with disabilities.
20.- Restore and reset: in addition to the Reset settings that are sometimes necessary in this section, you can manage the function of making backup copies of the phone's settings and applications both through the Google service and through a copy of local security. How is MIUI V6 firmware

How is MIUI V6 firmware How to manage Accounts?

1.- My account: My account settings. Here you can see the content of Mi Cloud and the list of linked devices and accounts.
2.- All: this section allows you to manage all the accounts entered in the device.> Br> 3.- Add: here you can add an account by selecting from the list.
4.- Synchronization: here you can enable / disable automatic account synchronization or disable automatic synchronization through the mobile network. How is MIUI V6 firmware

How is MIUI V6 firmware MIUI V6 System Applications?

1.- Mi Cloud: this section contains the configuration for synchronization with the Mi Cloud cloud storage. Here you can configure what exactly should be synchronized and see the statistics of the used space.
2.- Calls: this section contains the settings for the Telephone application. In the Call Recording subsection, you can configure automatic line recording and specify calls from which numbers you want to write. Also in this section you can configure: auto answer, smart number search, missed call reminders and more.
3.- Contacts: in this section you can activate the simple way to show contacts, when the additional contact data will be hidden; import / export contacts to SIM memory; disable the display of contact photos.
4.- Messages: in this section you can activate cloud messaging (similar to iMessage), configure message notifications and configure MMS.
5.- Mail: this section contains the configuration of the integrated mail client.
6.- Security: this section contains the configuration of the Security application. Here you can attach a widget to the notification panel or place a desktop shortcut for one or all of the application components. It is possible to enable Clean RAM when the device is locked.
7.- Camera: this section contains the settings for taking photos and videos.
8.- Gallery: configuration of the Gallery application.
9.- Music: Music application settings. Here you can configure the filter to display sound files by size (default: 800 KB), duration, or location.
10.- Notes: very simple configuration for the Notes application.
11.- Voice recorder: Voice recorder application settings: you can select the recording mode: music, voice, interview.
12.- Scanner: configuration of the Scanner application. How is MIUI V6 firmware

How is MIUI V6 firmware Other MIUI V6 Settings?

1.- Themes: Configuration of the Themes application.
2.- All applications: from this section you can manage the rights of third-party applications and configure the default values. You can also uninstall one or more applications from here.
3.- About the phone: information about the Android version, the MIUI version and the hardware is displayed here. There is a system update button. How is MIUI V6 firmware

How is MIUI V6 firmware Basic applications MIUI V6?

A.- The Phone application, on the one hand, is ascetic, on the other hand, it has all the necessary functions. The main screen is divided into two tabs: Calls - last activity and Contacts. The Calls tab displays a list of calls with filtering capabilities and a dialer. The marker has a smart dial, it works only with the Latin alphabet. From top to bottom, the contacts are displayed: contact groups, favorites and the contacts themselves. By default, contact photos are not displayed, but this can be enabled in settings.

B.- The Messages application screen shows a list of dialog boxes. The interface of the dialog is simple. In the upper right corner there is a button with three dots, when you click on which two menu items appear: call a contact or go to a contact card. Above the keyboard are: the field to write the current message, the button to send a message and the + button, the latter allows you to add to the message: message template, emoticon, contact, image, video, etc. A long touch on the message opens the context menu, through which you can delete the message, forward it, copy the text of the message, view its detailed information or send it to favorites.
C.- The Mail application can work with various mail delivery protocols, including IMAP. I liked the swipe system on the mailing list. The sliding of the marks from left to right cyclically changes the reading mark (read / unread), when sliding the finger from right to left two buttons appear: delete and add to favorites.
D.- The browser interface looks like the Chinese UC browser. The home screen contains selected sites and a list of popular services, divided into categories. The search bar is combined with the address bar, there is a built-in QR code reader to quickly enter the site address. In general, I found the interface convenient and thoughtful, and in my opinion it is more pleasant than Chrome's.
E.- The Clock application includes: alarm clock, world clock, stopwatch and timer.
F.- The camera interface has also been simplified. Now the main screen of Photo mode contains only 6 buttons: flash control, settings, switch to front camera, gallery, shutter button and activation of Video mode. Focus is set automatically or with one touch. In the second case, pressing the focus area again takes a photo, the exposure can be adjusted in a circular motion. Swiping from left to right takes us to an additional photo mode selection screen, where 7 buttons are displayed: panorama, timer, combined focus, control, enhancement, night mode, and a settings button. Swiping from right to left from the main screen takes us to the filter selection screen. In video mode, there are two sub-modes: fast motion (time lapse) and slow motion.
G.- The calendar, compared to the previous version, has another presentation option: Week. You can add events and reminders to them.
H.- The Gallery application contains three tabs: All: analog of photographic film on iOS, here absolutely all the photos taken with the phone's camera are collected; Local - All photos, videos, screenshots, and media files from third-party applications stored on the phone are collected here and grouped into folders; Cloud: photos stored in the MiCloud cloud storage.
I.- One of the advantages of MIUI is that it comes pre-installed with a quite functional Explorer file manager. The main Explorer screen shows 9 file category icons and 3 three items: Path: file viewing, Cleanup: a tool to clean junk files and FTP: access from a PC to the smartphone memory using the protocol of the same name .

In summary.- Music is a simple music player.
The calculator is simple and has no additional functions. You have two presentation options: simple and engineering. How is MIUI V6 firmware

How to Install MIUI Firmware Collection of Smartphone wallpapers?


A wallpaper, desktop background or wallpaper, is an image that is placed on the desktop of the graphical environment of the operating system as decoration. The background is not limited to a static image, there are animated and interactive wallpapers, such as putting a web page as a desktop background. The wallpaper can radically change the look of your mobile. Finding wallpapers is easy, but that they are of good quality not so much. Here you have a good handful of wallpapers for your Android mobile, classified by categories. If you are a little tired of your mobile wallpaper and you prefer to choose one by hand instead of using special apps, here we bring you the definitive collection of wallpapers for Android, where you will undoubtedly find one of your liking.

Collection of Smartphone wallpapers How to Install MIUI Firmware


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Other MIUI V6 Settings Best Android Games

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Other MIUI V6 Settings Alarmas para Casas
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