Android is a mobile operating system based on Linux kernel and other open source software. It was designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart watches (Wear OS), cars (Android Auto), and televisions (Android TV).
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When buying a smartphone, the size of the screen, the quality of the camera, the design… and the operating system are taken into account. Choosing between Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry or Symbian is a matter of taste, but in order to make the right choice it is necessary to know what operating systems are, how they influence the phone and how they work.
The operating system is the engine of the smartphone or tablet. Currently, 90% of the mobiles purchased by Spanish users work with Android, while only 4.8% do so with iOS. At the European level, this operating system is also the dominant one, being present in 7 out of 10 new mobiles.

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5G Networks are safe?

5G telephone networks is the fifth generation of mobile communications, opening up new opportunities for technological progress and innovation. The introduction of 5G is expected to accelerate the development of the Internet of Things. But cybercriminals are already looking for vulnerabilities in new technology and preparing large-scale attacks. A 5G future is unthinkable without enhanced cybersecurity.
The transition from 4G to 5G affects almost everyone who uses mobile communications. Therefore, it is important to understand how safe this red is and where it is vulnerable.

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5G network security by European Union?

EU Member States are responsible for the security of the implementation of 5G networks. EU countries and operators are taking important steps to implement 5G networks. The auction procedure for radio frequency bands in 11 EU states is scheduled for 2019: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Portugal. Starting in 2020, six more auctions are planned in Spain, Malta, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland and the United Kingdom.
At the EU level, the 5G action plan stipulates that the commercial launch of 5G networks will take place in all EU member states from 2020 and that the deployment of the integrated network will be planned for 2025 in the cities and along major transportation corridors.

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Pxlr Photo Editor APK Android?

Pixlr is a photo editor with many free filters and effects that is equally easy to use for both professionals and beginners. There are over two million free effect packs available in the app, created by the Pixlr community. Share your work on social media and get lots of likes!
Show your creativity with this completely free photo editor. A versatile photo editor with over two million combinations of various filters, effects, and overlays. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the app has a responsive interface that will suit both a novice user and an advanced photographer. Experiment and create collages from your favorite photos. Save your favorite effects to favorites and don't forget to share the results with your friends. Give them access to your work directly through social media.

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Calibrate touch screen Android?

Almost all mobile phones that we use today are equipped with touch screens. These displays need careful handling, otherwise they can easily malfunction. Besides accidental breakage, there are many other reasons that can make the touch screen unresponsive. The touch screen of your Android phone may stop responding to some areas or the entire touch screen stops working. Android touch screen problems are common and here in this article we will fix and fix the touch screen by following these effective tips.
The touchscreen on Android devices is quite delicate, especially after drops and bumps. It happens that the precision of the pressure or decreasing so that you can press the desired button 3-4 times. Of course, this situation can be very annoying and interfere with comfortable use of the device. In such cases, the Android screen will most likely need to be calibrated.

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What is it Clicker Android?

After the installation of a new application or the download of an apk file by the Play Market client, the Trojan sends information about this software together with some technical data about the device to the command and control server. In response, Android.Click.312.origin receives website addresses to open in an invisible WebView, as well as links to load in a browser or Google Play.
Therefore, depending on the command and control server settings and the instructions it sends, the Trojan can not only advertise applications on Google Play, but also covertly load any website, including advertisements (even videos) or other questionable content. . For example, after installing applications with the built-in Trojan, users complained of being automatically subscribed to expensive content provider services..

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How to restore Android factory settings?

A user of an Android device is faced with the need to restore factory settings. Sometimes the reason for this is failures and slow device performance, and sometimes restoring factory settings is just preparing the device for sale.

The factory setting is the state in which the smartphone was launched from the factory with the Android OS. You need to understand that factory reset completely removed all user files, apps, photos, videos and contacts from device memory.
Only what is stored on the memory card will be saved, while the internal memory of the device will be completely erased.

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How to restore IPhone factory settings?

How to reset an iPhone to factory settings, when the phone starts to charge for a long time, the apps stop turning on and malfunction, and you just need to reset the settings. You can reset them in different ways, but this procedure is not always necessary. Before selling a smartphone, it is also necessary that you follow all the steps so that your information does not fall into the hands of another user.


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Why do I need VPN on Android?

A large number of VPNs can be configured using the Enterprise Mobile Infrastructure Management Console as long as it is supported by both your mobile infrastructure and the VPN solution. Users with an enterprise mobile infrastructure typically do not need to configure Android devices themselves.
Many VPN applications allow individual applications to open or block VPN traffic. You can use only one of the two types of lists: applications with traffic access or without traffic access. You cannot use both options at the same time. If this list is not used, all device traffic will be limited to a VPN.

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How to recover Android password?

Today, many smartphones run Android. These include ZTE, Fly, Honor, Xiaomi, Meizu, HTC, BQ, Asus, OPPO, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Alcatel. Also, devices like MTS, Sony, and many others work on this operating system. But how can you unlock these devices if you don't remember the password?
You forgot your password for your Google account on Android and now you can't log into Google Play. You will learn how to recover your Gmail password, which is the key to Google services.
This can happen to anyone, you forgot your account password and now you can't go to Google Play, check your mail, or use other services and applications on Android. If this happens, don't rush to create a new Goolge account, you can restore the forgotten one and continue using your account on Android.

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How to increase FTP for Games?

FPS or FPS is an abbreviation in English for Frame Per Seconds, which means the number of frames per second you see when you play a particular game or watch a video.
The higher the FPS value, the better for the user: the image will be smooth, fluid and detailed. Naturally rendering graphic tales is more difficult for your smartphone. This means that the FPS value is directly dependent on the performance of the device itself.
On modern flagship devices, FPS issues can arise in poorly optimized games, but you have to squeeze all the juices out of the low-power "classics".

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How to connect a phone to a TV

Connecting your phone to a television allows you to display photos and videos on a big screen, browse the Internet for interesting facts or travel tickets, start presentations, and play music.
The need to "make friends" of the technique may arise if the TV has a wide diagonal, but does not have a SmartTV. But even if digital television is provided, it is easier to launch the desired video through a smartphone thanks to the convenient software.

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How can you find out who is calling

Nobody likes receiving phone calls from unknown numbers and being interrupted in the middle of important work or late at night. Unfortunately, with the increasing number of online purchases, it is almost impossible to keep your number private. If you indicated this on any website when registering for training or submitting a loan application, then it will transfer from one company to another.
Does it happen to you that they call you from an unknown number and offer to invest somewhere, buy something, or are they represented by an official organization, for example, Iberbank? Often times these calls are made by scammers to cheat unsuspecting people for money.

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How to record Android Phone calls

Recording your phone calls is a useful feature that all smartphone users need from time to time.
For example, you must write down the phone number that is indicated to you and there is no pen nearby. Once the recording is saved, you can listen to it as many times as you like, transferring the necessary data to paper.
In this article, we will break down the working methods on how to easily and quickly record conversations using the built-in functions of your smartphone, and also We describe the best free apps for recording conversations on Android.

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